If you’re going to read manga please do not use MangaFox, MangaHere, or any other similar sites - the manga hosting sites with all the ads. I thought this was pretty well-known (it’s pretty well-known among scanlation groups I’ve found) but apparently it’s not so here’s the information on it.

Scanlators do not like those sites - I know of groups that have shutdown because of those sites. There’s a couple of reasons they do not like them and a quick search can bring up further details but here’s the main facts:

  1. Those sites make a huge profit margin off of scanlator’s work - they only pay hosting fees and those ads bring in money too. Most Scanlators work for free - sometimes they ask for donations but that’s it. Mangafox/here and other sites takes those works and makes money off of it. A lot of those sites are also run by the same group - NOEZ. (x) (x) (x)
  2. These sites do not ask scanlators for their permission to host their scans.
  3. They are not scanlator-friendly. (There’s been cases of them removing scanlators’ watermarks and placing in their own when watermarks - making it seem like they are responsible for the scanlations - were put in because of this.) They say they will take it down if a scanlation if the group contacts them but there’s been cases of them ignoring requests until huge amounts of readers BACK THE SCANLATORS UP TO GET THOSE SCANLATIONS OFF THE PAGE. 

Either go to the scanlation group’s website or Batoto. Baka-Updates usually does a good job of keeping up scanlator’s projects - what they’re working on, publishing schedule, and when they last updated a series so they’re a good resource to see who’s working on what manga. Batoto’s nice because all of the money they make goes to two places: hosting fees + scanlation teams for RAWS, they don’t watermark, they give credit to scanlation team, and they allow easy access for scanlators to upload/remove their projects. (x)

PLEASE DO NOT SUPPORT MANGAFOX OR ANY OF THOSE OTHER SITES. Respect the scanlation teams and their wishes - they’re the ones who provide you with the content after all. 

some things I would like to add in case the arguments above are not enough:

  • many scanlation groups have their own reader and because they don’t use ads nor plug-ins, those are faster than manga aggregate websites.
  • manga aggregate websites are home to malware. no seriously, read the article. 
  • manga aggregate websites host lower quality versions (sometimes with crappy watermarks) of scanlation groups’ scans. (this was the case last time I checked, it is possible something has changed here)
  • to explain in further detail, it is a manga hosting website from a scanlation group for scanlation groups. they do not host any scanlations that a scanlation group themselves do not want them to host (and the groups can choose when or how the scanlations are uploaded). scanlation groups can choose whether they want to get money from the ads, if they decline, the money goes towards hosting costs. also, the website hosts scanlations of many languages.   

if you do not know which websites NOEZ owns, these are some of the more well-known ones:,,,,,,,,,,,,

Anonymous asked: Just read Satanister. Thanks for translating. I'm hoping that you guys will either pick this up again in the future. Do you guys have any plans to switching back to it within the next year or so? It's by far one of the best unlicensed manga I've read in a very long time and I'm way eager to read more.

Probably, yeah. Glad you like it! We love it too, we’re just dumb.

We stopped because we were lazy and est em stuff is so much easier to typeset and has less text to bother translation, but now we’re actually kind of busy with life but hopefully we’ll get back to it eventually. 

Golondrina Chapter 18



That’s it for Golondrina volume 3! During the wait for volume 4 raws we will either be working on est em’s Kono Tabi wa or doing absolutely nothing, depending on how busy everyone involved is.

Here’s a preview what’s in store in the 4th volume: (spoilers, obviously)

Anonymous asked: Hi guys I really like the golondrina series that you are translating/scanlating but I would like to help you with the spanish names to have a more accurate translation on the spanish parts of the manga : D I live in argentina and spanish is my native language so if you need help with the spanish parts Im more than willing to help you with them.

Thanks! We already have a helper from Spain who is familiar with the Torero business, but where can we contact you if she’s not available?

Golondrina Chapter 17


We’ve fixed a few chapters for Spanish accuracy. Our mistakes were minor, but we want our work to be as close to perfect as possible. If you’re interested, please re-download them.
If you ever find an issue with our translation and use of words from other languages, please let us know! We (and est em, though it’s usually us making the mistakes) are not native speakers and sometimes, Google can only help us out so much.
The chapters that have been altered are 13, 14, 15, and 16. They can be found here.

For those of you who reupload our releases on aggregator sites, please do us a favor and update the chapters for us.


P.S. Volume four of Golondrina is supposed to come out on February 28th!
P.P.S. Ikki’s website for Golondrina is quite interesting. You can also see some of the colored pages that were grayscaled out in the first volume here.

Golondrina Chapter 16


Golondrina Chapter 15


BTW, if you’ve ever wondered what to listen to while reading Golondrina:

Rodrigo y Gabriela Pandora station

Gipsy Kings Pandora station

Golondrina Chapter 14



Oops, I resized the images wrong and am too lazy to fix them. You now get Chica’s debut as a torero 100 pixels taller (wowee!!)